open issues (update from yesterday's telecon)

In yesterday's teleconference we became much closer to closing several open
issues.  A summary follows.  The full details are available from the open
issues list ( and the minutes
from yesterday's call (

1.  Renaming the guidelines:  A representative from the CG group will be
posting a note to the list regarding the CG decision.

2.  Style sheets in the guidelines:  Daniel Dardailler took an action item
to check with CSS experts to find out how they think we ought to handle
style sheets in the guidelines.

3.  Server guidelines:  Language generated yesterday will be incorporated
in the guidelines and techniques documents.

4.  Math and science guidelines:  Proposed language changes will be sent to
the list for discussion.

5.  Conformance:  The issue was deferred to the CG group.

6.  Changing the priority of checkpoints:  The priority of only one item
actually changes from 2 to 1.  However, several wording changes will be
incorporated into the next release of the document.

In those instances where further discussion is to occur on the list,
separate e-mails will be sent.  A new working draft reflecting yesterday's
discussion will be released next week.

Received on Friday, 22 January 1999 17:02:21 UTC