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This is exactly the point Al was raising about the solution being a
problem in itself.

As I understand it, CSS2, and real transformation further down the track,
would allow all this to be done as a client-side option.

In the meantime, this is what is helpful to accessibility - which makes it
priority 3, but nonetheless something which should be included in
guidelines on how to improve accessibility.

I agree that the technology should serve the people. But it doesn't serve
them all, and someone has to be compromised in this instance. So we
explain the options and people have to make their choices, and we wait til
something better comes along.

Charles McCN

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Chris Maden wrote:

  [Charles McCathieNevile]
  > 1. Paper - 4 type
  >    1. Envelopes
  >    2. Notepaper
  >    3. Letterhead
  >    4. Poster paper
  This is exactly the kind of thing I don't like.  Technology should
  serve people, and not vice versa.  The information that there are four
  sub items is present in the document, and software should be able to
  extract it for those that need it.  Requiring all users to see the
  redundant information clutters up the page, and requiring all authors
  to perform a mechanical task that should be automated will encourage
  dismissal of the guidelines as onerous, irrelevant, and in conflict
  with good design principles.  There is no good reason for this
  To put it another way: if you need this information, would you rather
  require on the world's thousands of Web authors to give it to you,
  probably incorrectly and possibly in a different language than your
  native one, or your browser, in a way configurable by you and always
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