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The fact that it is a navbar rather than a columnar paragraph does not
change the problem, which is that the screen is read one whole line (or as
near as the reader can get) at a time, so the links are interspersed
apparently at random into the text.

I don't mind seeing it, but having it read to me makes life difficult.


On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Neff, Robert wrote:

  If a table is used for layout, do not use any structural markup for the
  purpose of visual formatting. <wai-pageauth-tech.html#tech-table-layout>
  For example, in HTML do not use the table header (TH) element to cause the
  contents of a cell to be displayed centered and in bold. Other attributes of
  a table, such as a caption describing the layout purpose and content of
  columns is valuable, particularly if some cells become navbars, frames,
  images, imagemaps, or lists of links. [Priority 1] 
  And the QuickTips state
  9. Tables  Avoid using tables to format text columns. Make sure cell-by-cell
  reading order makes sense for tabular data. 
  I would like to see an example where a Table is made with a navigation bar
  on the left and text in on right where one cell is used.  Please see my
  discussion below.  I feel this would clarify something (navbars and text)
  that is commonly used.  I see navbars widely used and they are used in
  conjuction with multiple text columns and rows.  For an example, see <>   Please feel free to contact if anyone
  would like to discuss this further.
  Many thanks,  Rob Neff 

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