Re: Evaluation results: Priorities

It was decided late last year that any reference to what user agents have
or have not implemented, which by nature is transient and rapidly changing
information, should be left to third parties but may be linked to the
techniques document.

If I were designing a web site, I would want to include appropriate SCREEN
and PRINT style sheets to improve the visual presentation. Now it so
happens that I would be unable to see the results of such effort, yet I
would nonetheless consider it important that the style sheets be included,
whether they be borrowed directly from another source or adapted to meet
the particular demands of my documents. This scenario is completely
analogous to that of an author who edits and displays the document in a
visual setting but who nevertheless introduces attributes, following the
guidance and examples provided in the techniques document, to improve the
auditory and braille presentations. In short, when designing a document
with the aim of ensuring that it can be read with equal efficiency across
a range of hardware and software platforms and input and output devices,
it is sometimes necessary to take advantage of technical facilities that
are not applicable to one's own situation; and this should not be a cause
for concern.

Received on Tuesday, 16 March 1999 16:39:34 UTC