RE: renaming the guidelines (issue #3 from yesterday's telecon)

As a footnote to Charles McCathie-Nevile's excellent treatment of this
topic, in addition to providing a generic HTML version of the interactive
application which relies on server-side scripts, it has been suggested
that the interactive applications themselves be made directly accessible
in accordance with the user interface design considerations developed in
the User Agent guidelines. Unfortunately, as detailed discussion
(amounting to almost two teleconferences, as I recall) demonstrated, there
is little concrete guidance that can be given in this respect until the
scripting languages, the DOM and user interface technologies have been
sufficiently developed to allow accessible scripts to be created easily.

Further details can be found in the minutes of GL teleconferences under
the general heading of "dynamic HTML".

In short I think this topic has received exhaustive coverage, so far as
circumstances permit, in the context of the guidelines. The techniques
document should be expanded to cover it in greater detail as the
technology evolves over the next several years, and helpful insight may
also be gleaned, as already mentioned, from the user agent guidelines.

Received on Sunday, 17 January 1999 21:29:05 UTC