Computer components

Dear Sirs
We would like to enter into business relations with firm which is exporting computer components.We are interested especially in hardware and accessories.For example motherboards, video cards, sound cards, CPUs, memory.We have found your address on Internet.
Please send us your price list and catalogue.Please give us detailed information soon.
We would be grateful if you would treat the matter as urgent.
Uni-Sec Monolit is computer firm based in Poland. We are specialized in
importing and selling computer components. We are over two years in
business.Now I'm looking especially for motherboards, video and sound cards.
Please give me offer for that components.(prices without TAX in USD)
Conditions : Usually I pay cash in first transactions. I take for tray
200-300 components. If everything is OK I regulary will take components (every
week or second week). Preferable delivery by DHL, TNT or UPS.
Hope to get your reply soon.
Yours faithfully

		Sylwester Kolodynski

PS.If you send regulary your price list to your dealers please add me to the list of dealers.

Our address :
UNI-SEC Monolit Ltd.
Gajowicka 78
PL-53-530 Wroclaw
tel. +48 71 3380197
fax. +48 71 3619954
hand phone: +48 602 759876

Received on Thursday, 14 January 1999 12:46:49 UTC