Re: Evaluation results: Priorities

Charles McCathieNevile wrote:
> Wendy's comments marked WC:
> Chetz' repsonses marked CC:
> Ian's responses to those marke IJ:
> And my responses to those marked CMN:
>   Chetz Colwell wrote:
>   >  I seem to
>   > remember that there used to be a Technique of using <P> or <BR> in table
>   > cells to to make tables easier (if not accessible) for screen readers.
>   > Could this be recommended until user agents support the association of
>   > headers and cells? Otherwise, an author "must" use attributes that are not
>   > supported by either the main browsers or current screenreaders (I don't
>   > know about other special devices).
> IJ:
>   I will raise this as an issue with the WG.
> CMN:
>   As I recall it was to solve a legacy problem when there were a number of
> browsers which ignored all tables markup, and would therfore run the
> contents together in a single line. I would be surprised if such a browser
> was being used by someone who had problems with it, although I suppose
> those people are out there.

We discussed this on 18 March and those on the call
felt that this shouldn't appear in the techniques document
because it was meant only to address an old legacy problem.
  - Ian

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