Re: TABINDEX - HTML Applications

> >If you don't know the language, how do you parse the script ?
> You don't parse the script - there is no way that anyone can figure out the
> meaning or end result of a stored program.

by running it ?
> All the accessibility aid can do is listen for events and then collect
> information from the data structures (DOM) as to the current state of the
> application.

I didn't mean what I say to be restricted to the assistive technology
add-on framework.

Take the example of a page that has a big onLoad event that generates
all the HTML on the fly (using specific JavaScript document.write

If the HTML is accessible, the only thing that prevents this page from 
being accessible is the knowledge of the scripting language.

Lynx could implement a JavaScript runtime, and make this kind of page
(today completely inaccessible) accessible, but why JavaScript, and
not VBScript ?

My point is that if we had a scripting language standardized, it would 
result in more UA implementing it.

Received on Thursday, 14 January 1999 04:31:23 UTC