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Making A.6.1 a P1 implies (by definition of P1) that text marked up as a
header is no longer accessible if it is not actually a header or is a
header that is nested incorrectly.  I would suggest that if headings are
not used correctly the text of the "header" is "accessible" (i.e., readable
by a screen reader, magnifiable by a magnifier, tabbable by a keyboard, and
appearing visually the same as if styles had been applied, etc.) but the
markup does not create the most usable situation (i.e., it might not be
navigated to in the most logical order). Therefore, I still think it is a
P2 - if you nest headings properly the text can be navigated in a more
logical manner and therefore easier to comprehend.

Am I missing part of your argument?

In the current ordering of the checklist we attempted to order the sections
by usage, i.e. most used to least used, with the exception that "if all
else fails..." is at the end due to working group decree.    

If we want to keep this order, perhaps we ought to include a note in the
intro to make it clear.  If we want to reorder it with the most important
items first, then we need to determine which items are most important - a
discussion that could last for a while. <grin>


At 12:30 PM 1/5/99 , you wrote:
>After thinking it over for a year I have decided (as if anyone cares
><grin>) that A.6.1 "Nest headings properly" should be priority 1.  First
>to discourage H1... use as font decisions and because the possibility of
>using header info to speed access is vital to those who can do so.
>Just to put the emphasis where it is most important I suggest moving "If
>you use images..." to the top of the checklist and "General" to just
>before "If all else fails..."

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