RE: Add a checkpoint for "checking your work"

Hi Phill,

There actually was a checkpoint for testing.... But it was removed after
much discussion.

It was determined that testing (or any particular step in the process) was
not required for a page to be accessible.  That is, testing a page did not
make it any more accessible than not testing it.   Following the guidelines
does.  Checking the page using a validator, having users check it, using an
authoring tool with accessibility supported etc, are all process items that
facilitate making a page more accessible, but are not required, and do not
in and of themselves make a page more accessible.  If you follow all the
guidelines, testing against a validator will not increase access. Thus they
did not qualify as an item that determined or defined an issue necessary for
content access.

Hope that is clear.  I'm not sure it is worded well.


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Subject:	Add a checkpoint for "checking your work"

When I reviewed the checkpoints against the quick tips, I did not find any
checkpoint that addressed the last "Check your work. Validate the HTML. Use
evaluations tools and text-only browsers to verify accessibility." quick

Although it may seem redundant [or perhaps circular], there should be a
priority one checkpoint to
x.x Check the content. [Priority 1]
Use tools [2] to validate the HTML [or content markup] [1] and to evaluate
and verify the accessibility of the content.  This checkpoint compliments
the content developer reviewing the other checkpoints in the "Web Content
Accessibility Checklists."[3]

[1] add link to W3C HTML and XML validators
[2] add link to WAI ER tools
[3] change title of full-checklist.html
From: List of Checkpoints for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
To: Web Content Accessibility Checklist

Phill Jenkins

Received on Sunday, 21 March 1999 01:20:04 UTC