Re: Open issues for today's call

There was also the issue brought by Dan Connolly in IG on a new
checkpoint for font tag abuse. My guess is that we consider that 5.4
onusing Style is enough.

Also the issue of considering the checklist to be part of the
guidelines (a different view in fact) but still being an addressable
document (that we can use for quick reference from WAI Home page for
instance). In a sense the checklist could be implemented as being the
same guidelines file with a different style sheet (we'd need XSL for
that I guess), so I'm not sure we need a proper review of it.

Could you confirm the alt wording issue in the intro (as discussed in
is being addressed as an editorial task.

I'm now counting three different person saying that Checkpoint 15.9
 "Facilitate off-line browsing by creating a single downloadable file"
is not an accessibility problem per-se or at least should be made more 
generic (with technique being specific)
So that's an issue to discuss as well.

In todays's comments from Warner ten Kate, I'd like to emphasize that
I disagree with
  putting the emphasis on serving people with disabilities only
and that I agree with
  renumbering to use a simple numbering for the guidelines and
  checkpoint: 1.1, 3.4, not A.2.1.

Received on Thursday, 11 March 1999 10:26:38 UTC