Techniques: long descriptions

Re: section 2.7 of the Techniques.
In the section for 'Long descriptions for images' the terms 'graphic' and
'image' are both used.  Is this intentional, ie. is there a difference
between the two?  If not perhaps 'image' is a better term; if there is a
difference, does this need to be clarified?

The example shows the use of Longdesc for images, but not scripts or
applets.  I don't know much about scripts or applets, but I wonder whether
the example for images can easily be applied to scripts / applets.

Finally, I once observed a blind user who came across a D link and didn't
know what it was for and so they ignored it.  Although D-link is an interim
technique, would it be worth repeating Checkpoint 15.6 (or linking to it)
to remind authors to describe the access features they have provided.



Received on Wednesday, 17 March 1999 12:57:41 UTC