Standardized terms

It is good to have explanation of terms (appendix C).
In the document though "speech" and "brailledisplay" are used

I'd like to propose to use the term "screen reader" unless it
is explicitly an item on "braille" or "speech".

: reading a (windows / GUI) screen is impossible without a scren reader !
: Intelligent use can only be provided by the screen reader
  and not by the speech or braille device.

Item 10.1:
It is mentioned here braille-displays do not have a "pointing device".
This is not true any more. Nearly ALL today's brailledisplays
include a pointing / clicking mechnism. 
The problem though is "where to click" instead of "how to click".

I'd like to propose to change item 10.1 to indicate it is
important to:
- be able to find the click-sensitive area
- make sure a tab-stop is ALWAYS on/in the click-sensitive area
  (is several cases this is not the case).
- make sure it is clear what the click will give you.

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