Re: Remarks on Checkpoints

Actually Alan, I just assume everyone respects me - I am notoriously hard
to offend even when you mean to do so. But I digress.

This is in fact another legacy problem, although it is one that is in a
different to imagemaps, as an example. It seems pretty clear as CSS
adoption spreads (Oh so slowly! sigh.) that eventually TABLEs will not be
used for anything except tabular data, except by excessively backwards

At which point it will be important for somebody to put a TABLE module
into Lynx...

Charles McCathieNevile

On Thu, 7 Jan 1999, Alan J. Flavell wrote:
  With the greatest of respect, and honestly having no intention to be
  rude to anyone, it's necessary to understand the _real_ problem
  before addressing the solution. 
  Lynx can often produce a _better_ result by not understanding TABLEs.
  But only because authors leaped on TABLEs as a visual formatting

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