I had an action item to see if NOFRAMES could be used within a BODY element
to be used as an elegant solution for creating NOFRAMES.  

The goal was to be able to include the navigation links on a page within
the conent of a NOFRAMES in the BODY of one of the defined FRAMEs.  This
way if a browser doesn't support frames (or they are turned off) the
navigation links are loaded and then the user may open any of the pages in
its own window.

However, this is not how it worked.  In Opera, when frames were loaded, the
contents of NOFRAMES were displayed (as anticipated) but when frames were
not loaded, the contents of NOFRAMES were not loaded (only the contents of
the NOFRAMES from the FRAMESET were loaded.  

This is also the way it worked in Lynx.  This makes sense, because I don't
see that a browser would realistically walk the tree of defined documents
within a frameset looking for a NOFRAMEs element.  


Received on Monday, 22 February 1999 12:56:09 UTC