redundant text links

I just noticed (sorry didn't notice it earlier) something about the
recommendation for redundant text links

It shows the links as <A> links inside a <MAP> element so that they are
only displayed if the image map is not displayed.

But what if a person has 
- a browser that shows the image map, 
- but a screenreader that is looking for ALT attributes of <AREA> tags for
the ALT text? 

The user of that setup will see no text at all.

So I think you need to include the classic redundant text tags, just
ordinary text links outside the context of <MAP>.  

I like the idea of automatically showing text links when images are off...
but I think that feature is already implied by the user agent guidelines: see

(please copy me if there's a discussion.  I'm not on the GL list).

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Received on Wednesday, 6 January 1999 10:49:57 UTC