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I guess my point is more:
1. If I am an author and using a table for layout can I explicitly mark it
as being used for layout that could be accessed by assisitve technology?

2. I think it is even more important for events.  If I am an author using
mouseover events for visual effects, can I mark this event to say that it
is probably not an important event for a non-viusal interface.


At 11:45 AM 3/22/99 -0500, Ian Jacobs wrote:
>Jon Gunderson wrote:
>> I originally sent these comments to the wrong list.
>> Is there a way we could add a general section to the Web Content guidleines
>> on indicating the purpose of certain elements.  For example the following
>> types of elements could indicate their purpose:
>> Anchors: navigation link
>> Table: layout or table
>> Event: decorative, used for visual affects
>>        verify, checks the user input, but no visual affects
>>        functional, is used to change content of the document
>There are two mappings at issue here:
>1) For an HTML element, what topics are related to it?
>   This is addressed by the HTML index in the Techniques Document.
>   For example, for the A element, the related HTML topics are
>   "Keyboard Access" and "Links"
>2) For a topic, what HTML elements/attributes are involved?
>   I think that the table of contents combined with the
>   HTML index covers this need as well (although not
>   as efficiently).
>For more information about elements or topics, I think that
>users should consult the HTML specification, which describes
>and defines them much better than the Techniques document could.
>Another option is to provide a real index, which the Editors
>are considering. However, that would not be done until the document
>goes to Proposed Recommendation.
>Please let me know if I've addressed your point adequately,
> - Ian
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