RE: General comments on checklist

Regarding comment #3 -  this is an interesting thought.    We'll need to see
if we can do this without making the page less understandable or if any of
these need to be more narrow...  but it seems to me that we should be able
to do this.


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3. use the same terms in all checkpoints, for example, in the Priority 1
     change: "all information conveyed", "document's text", "content of
each page", "the screen", "the site's content", dynamic "content",
"information", "the page", etc.
     to: "the content",  for example
     4.1 Ensure that the contents conveyed with color  is also ...
     6.1 Clearly identify changes in the natural language of the contents.
     8.3 Ensure that the contents is organized...
     9.2 Avoid any blinking or updating of the content that causes flicker.
     16.1 Use language that is clear and simple, yet appropriate for the
     Note: eliminating the word "page" or "site" also allows the checkpoint
to be flexibly applied on a page by page basis or on a site basis.

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