Minutes from 17 March teleconference.

WAI GL Teleconference
March 17, 1999

Gregg Vanderheiden
Wendy Chisholm
Charles McCathie Nevile
Greg Lowney
Chuck Letourneau (Scribe)
Judy Brewer
Jason White
Daniel Dardailler
Al Gilman
Ian Jacobs (late)
  [CL's minutes edited by Ian]

Reference document [1]
[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/WD-WAI-PAGEAUTH-19990226 

JW: how do we address the official responses to strictly editorial

GV: the editors can make the changes based on their initiative, and
the WG can comment on the changes if we don't agree otherwise, stet.

Greg Lowney's issues [2]

[2] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-gl/1999JanMar/0322.html

Issue 2. Priority of check points related to color. 

Resolved for checkpoint 4.2:
 a) For images make color contrast apriortiy 2. 
 b) Textual elements and things that can be controlled by UA's are
priority 3.

Issue 3. Accessibility of Lists. 
For checkpoint 5.2, Ian indicated that the wording had changed:

   Mark up lists and list items properly

GL: agreed that the new wording met his expectations.
Resolved: with the new wording is ok.

Issue 4. Priority (currently 2) of 5.3: Don't use blockquote for

GL: decided that his comments was philosophical and not to be argued

Question: is the widespread misuse of blockquote a serious
accessibility problem?

Resolved: Leave the priority as 2, but make the examples of Q and
Blockquote much more useful.

Dissention: Greg Lowney feels that it should be priority 3.

GL: suggested adding to example "this is important because braille
translators, speech synthesizers, etc."

JB: nominates that Jason to make the example and sent to list.

Issue 5. Checkpoint 15.1, use of "title" in link elements. 
Suggesting that there should be some guidance on how to properly use

Resolved: Change wording of 15.1 to something like:

      Clearly identify the target of each link.

Resolved: Add to checkpoint: 

  a) A link must make clear where it's going in text. 
  b) Anchor content gets higher priority, but "title" can be used to
     add additional information.
  c) Use "title" to distinguing link that use the same link text. 

Issue 6. Checkpoint 13.1: Use latest W3C specification where
applicable and supported.

Proposed: Drop "If W3C technologies are used".
Resolved wording: 

   Use applicable w3c technologies and the latest version of   
   specification where supported.

   Edited to: Use W3C technologies and use the latest 
              versions when they are supported.

Issue 7. Ian thinks a similar change can be made to 13.2
Resolved: Change wording of 13.2 to:

   Avoid deprecated features of W3C technologies

Issue 8. Priority (currently 2) of Checkpoint 14.5: 
         Make long lists in groups.
Accessibility or usability issue?
It is a judjegment call on the editorial content.
Al views it as P3. CMN views it as P2. GL: thinks it is P3.
Consensus for P3. 
With CMN dissenting for P2.

IJ: should we then reconsider 14.? Which specifies grouping of list
items in a form.

Resolved: Merge 14.3 and 14.5. (priority 2)
Proposed text: 

     Divide large amounts of information into manageable 
     groups where natural and appropriate. 

Eric Hansen's conformance proposal [3]

[3] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-gl/1999JanMar/0295.html

Issue 1. Conformance scope: What is conforming must be identified.

Resolved: The WG agreed that a statement of scope, written in natural
language, was needed. 

There are two issues: the wider level of conformance of other
guidelines or policies to the W3C specification, and micro-level
conformance of individual pages or xxx to the checkpoints.

/* Question from Ian: To address this resolution, 
   was there an action item assigned? Was it assigned to Judy? */

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