Re: Math and Science

The only unique aspect, so far as markup is concerned, is the mathematical
notation; and we have already devised solution strategies in this area,

Interim: where images are used to convey mathematical content, provide an
equivalent markup notation (E.G. TeX) as alternative text.

2. Use MathML to represent mathematics.

These requirements can be absorbed into the existing guidelines. I agree
with Charles that what is needed is at most a checkpoint or two, and not a
separate guideline.

The second point, concerning alternative text, can be added as a
checkpoint to A1:

"Until the Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) is widely supported by
browsers, images, accompanied by alternative text, may be used to
represent mathematical content. In such cases, the ALT text should convey
the mathematical symbols using a human-readable markup notation, E.G.
TeX." (Priority 1).

Explanation of priority: the information will be inaccessible if the the
alternative text is not included.

Second suggestion, under guideline A14, provide either (1) an informative,
non-exhaustive list of W3C technologies: "Note: W3C technologies include
HTML, XML, CSS, XSL, MathML, Smil, etc.", or (2) a link to such an
informative list, maintained in the techniques document or elsewhere. The
list should include MathML just for the sake of reinforcing its
importance. It could even be included briefly in the statement of
guideline A14: "(E.G. HTML, CSS, XSL, XML, MathML, SMIL, etc.)".

Received on Monday, 25 January 1999 19:04:13 UTC