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In the sense that CChuck uses the term I think it is an application which
is written in some flavour of HTML - I guess there is a range between a
simple bit of DHTML and a complete interface that the user cannot tell is
presented in HTML. It is not defined in the documents anywhere. It is one
of those issues that has been floating on the periphery, and my personal
view is that the answer is to rely (fairly heavily I must say) on the
guideline which requires that a user interface is responsible for meeting
the guidelines itself - we could revisit that and tighten the definition a
bit. But I think we should raise the issue and resolve it.

It is also related to my otherwise unloved issue about event triggers.
(Which I will now trot out again...)
Some triggers - onSelect, onUnload - are triggered by events which are
not denedent on a device, and could easily make sense to any user agent
which recognises the script that is run by the trigger.

Others - ondblClick, onMouseDrag, are based on a mouse, and it is
difficult to see how they will be implemented in a device-independent

And some triggers, as commonly used, could be recast into logical triggers
- onMouseClick in MS/NS (= onMousedblClick in AMaya, =onRightArrow in
Lynx...) could be easily mapped to device-independent triggers - eg

I would like to see the possibility that a better model is produced for
the next release of HTML considered by the WG. Although I am not going to
run away and sulk if it is rejected, I would like to thear why.


On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Daniel Dardailler wrote:
  What is an HTML application ?
  A DHTML page ?
  Anything with a FORM ?
  I can't find a definition in the guidelines or techniques.

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