Re: Comments on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Unfortunately, the definiiton of well-designed on which
this relies is not the same as another definition, which has some
adherents, and which tests "well-designed" in terms of visual appeal.
Personally, I think that is a very poor definition of well-designed, but
we should be prepared to explain what we mean and why.


On Sat, 13 Mar 1999, Jason White wrote:

  It should be remembered that HTML is an application of SGML (as emphasized
  in the HTML 4.0 specification). SGML is built upon a separation of content
  from presentation. A well designed HTML document will therefore conform to
  the HTML specification (including one of the DTD's) and will use style
  sheets to control presentation, employ elements and attributes in
  accordance with their definitions in the specification, etc.
  Almost by definition, such a document will satisfy many, though not all,
  accessibility requirements. A well designed document is thus often, though
  not invariably, accessible.

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