Re: Math and Science

>Issue 2: Where will the recommendations appear in the guidelines.  
>Will there be a  guideline (primary document) directly referencing math, or
>will math be mentioned only in the techniques document( examples of how to
>do things)?  
>In the later approach the primary guidelines document would probably have
>no mention of math.
The working group members that participated in the teleconference call last
week concluded that math needs to be mentioned in the guidelines document.
The issue that seems to be in dispute is whether we need to create a
checkpoint that is specific to math issues.  

It was my understanding from the call last week that people did not think
we needed a checkpoint specific to math, but that we would:
1.  sprinkle references to math in the guidelines document and
2.  elaborate on techniques in the techniques document.  

In order for people to easily find those techniques from the guidelines
document, we decided to mention math in two places in particular:

1.  In the introduction to A, mention MathML (and SMIL) where we discuss
the flexibility of HTML, XML and other W3C technologies.

2.  A.1.1 - include a link to a section on using images to represent math
equations.  This would link to a discussion in the techniques about how to
write alt-text and descriptions for mathematical equations presented as
graphical images.

In the techniques document, we will include a link to the MathML
specification in our list of references, as well as create a section to
elaborate on techniques for including math in Web documents.

Therefore, at no time have we said that we would not mention math at all in
the guidelines document, we are just not sure where to mention it and how.
I believe that to be the main issue at hand.


Received on Monday, 25 January 1999 16:17:35 UTC