Conformance Levels -- further comments

Here are a few specific comments about the 2/26 version:

"Conformance {EH: I suggest adding the word "Levels"}

"To conform to these guidelines, a document or process {EH: Not clear what 
"process" is referred to} must satisfy one of the following priority levels 
{EH: These are conformance levels, not priority levels}:

"Level P1: {EH: The term "Level P1" is too easily confused with the 
Priority 1 imperative level} all priority one checkpoints, or 
"Level P12: all priority one and two checkpoints, or 
"Level P123: all priority one, two, and three checkpoints. "

{EH: I can see the value of encoding the priority levels into the name of 
the conformance level. Perhaps the conformance levels could be designated 



CL12 (pronounced C-L-1-2)
CL123 (pronounced C-L-1-2-3)


Of course, below is essentially what was intended in the 2/26/99 document}

Conformance Level P1
Conformance Level P12 (pronounced "P-1-2")
Conformance Level P123 (pronounced "P-1-2-3")

End of comment}
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