Re: www accessibility for non-readers

Too many hands and not enough oars: I am fortunate enough to have eight
fingers and two thumbs, and it is the choice of combinations that is the

Section 16 does not help our group, in particular

 16.2   Use icons or graphics (with a text equivalent)
    where they facilitate comprehension of the page.

Is clearly not helpful, see Al Gilman's response.

Our group are non-readers with low comprehension. It is important that site
providers respond to the needs of the individual.
Presently this appears to mean creating sites for particular groups.

If you need to create generic guidlines it is important that they do not
exclude. Non-readers are currently severly disadvantaged on the www.


z.z     The increasing use of multimedia may make text an exception in the
near future, I have heard.

Received on Thursday, 11 March 1999 21:59:13 UTC