ASCII art (clarification from last week's telecon)

In our teleconference discussion last week about ASCII art, we decided that
the text for A.1.6 ought to be modified to read:  For ASCII art, either
replace it with an image and alternative text or provide a description and
a means to skip over the art (e.g., a link).

However, this does not include the examples for marking up ASCII art with
OBJECT or SPAN/Style sheets.  However, these examples are not backward

Regardless, I propose that since we might run into several more techniques
for making ASCII art accessible and that someday we might not have to worry
as much about the backwards compatibility of those techniques, we ought to
generalize the checkpoint.  My proposal is....wordy <grin>:
Provide descriptions for ASCII art and mark up the ASCII art so that it may
be skipped over (e.g., convert it to an image and provide alternative text,
provide one link to a description and another link to jump over it, or
embed it within an element that will allow a description to be attached to


Received on Monday, 25 January 1999 16:36:29 UTC