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In the twenty-five years since 1973 most of the world has been persuaded that Pinochet overthrow Allende's government in order to replace it with a fascist dictatorship.

The truth is different.  The context of the military takeover has been forgotten or ignored.  Chile under Allende has been brought to its knees.  The Chilean Parliament asked the military to intervene.  And, in reality, the subsequent war was between Chile's armed forces and foreign-inspired totalitarism.

Pinochet stopped Allende from creating a Marxist dictatorship in Chile modelled on Castro's Cuba. Pinochet reversed economic catastrophe and brought prosperity to Chile.  Pinochet brought back democracy to Chile.  Pinochet started reconciliation in Chile.

During and after the Chilean civil war, 2279 soldiers, terrorists and civilians died. (In the Spanish civil war over one million died).

Most Chileans see Pinochet as a hero, some not.  But, by 85%, they chose democratically to settle their differences ten years ago.

Why should a Spanish prosecutor be given the right by British Law Lords to overrule the democratic wish of the Chilean people and substitute recrimination for reconciliation?

Senator Pinochet was arrested in Britain the evening October 16, At the same time, the Premier of Spain was clinking glasses with Fidel Castro.

The British government is now holding Pinochet under house arrest.  He is not allowed to go to church or even to step out into the front garden.  Are we in Britain or Burma?  Pinochet has not been found guilty of any crime, either in Britain or in Chile.

When you read this, do you get a sense of justice or prejudice?

Pinochet transformed Chile from being a country unable to feed itself into the most prosperous in South America, He brought back democracy. 85% of Chileans voted for reconciliation.

Not many people know that.

He gave us freedom, Now we demand freedom for him.

Chilean Youth for Reconciliation.-

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