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2 Icelandic Translations are Complete

[Ar] Intention of translation

[Belarusian] Intention of translation

[Chinese] Intention of translation SKOS Reference

[Chinese] SKOS Reference Completed translation

[Czech] Completed translation (/Style/CSS/Test/ and /Style/CSS/SAC/)

[Czech] Intention of translation

[direction] CSS Validator Translation

[fr] Intention of translation

[French] Completed translation of WCAG at a glance

[French] Intention of translation

[French] Translation Completed

[generator.dontmixhtml] CSS Validator Translation

[Hindi] Completed Translation [WebCGM 2.0]

[Hindi] Intention of translation [Xlink] and [XML Info Set]

[Japanese] Completed translation : SVG Tiny 1.2 (Scalable Vector Graphics)

[japanese] intention of translation

[japanese] new translation

[japanese] translation completed.

[lang] Intention of translation

[parser.attrcss1] CSS Validator Translation

[parser.charsetcss1] CSS Validator Translation

[parser.import_not_allowed] CSS Validator Translation

[parser.invalid_id_selector] CSS Validator Translation

[parser.unknown-dimension] CSS Validator Translation

[review period] Dutch Candidate Authorized Translation of WCAG20

[review period] Re: The CAT on an "authorized translation of WCAG 2.0 into Spanish" is online

[Russian] Completed translation

[Spanish] Intention of translation of SKOS

[svgbasic] CSS Validator Translation

[svgtiny] CSS Validator Translation

[Thai] Completed Translation

[Traduzioni] Italian Translation of WCAG 2.0: approval

[warning.float-no-width] CSS Validator Translation

Addition to the Translations Database - MWBP flip cards

Albanian and Serbian request for CSS Home Page


Belarusian translation

Belarusian Translation Complete

Belarussian (be) translation of article "Historical Style Sheet proposals" and "Cascading Style Sheets patent disclosures"

Belarussian (be) translations of CSS buttons and menu

Belarussian translation of "XML in 10 points"

Belarussian Transtation of "CSS tutorial starting with HTML + CSS"

Complete translations

Completed translation

completed translations

Completed traslations into Russian and Ukrainian

Croatian Intention of translation

CSS resources translation request - Hungarian, Macedonian and Afrikaans

CSS Validator - Czech translation request

CSS Validator fully localised into Dutch - Re: [parser.attrcss1] CSS Validator Translation

CSS Validator Translation

CSS Validator: recent localization efforts. Thanks!

Czech intention of translation

Czech translation completed

Czech translation of http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/Test - Úřední W3C CSS testovací sady

domain yandex.ru is in local mail black list of w3c

E-mail рассылки по территории Украины!


French translation of article "W3C Core Styles" completed.

French translation of article "W3C Core Styles" corrected.

French translation of article "Web Style Sheets. About the translations / hints for translators"

French translation of Dave Raggett, Advanced HTML

Fwd: [Czech] Completed translation (/Style/CSS/Test/ and /Style/CSS/SAC/)

Fwd: Completed translation

Fwd: Croatian Intention of translation

German translation of RDFa Primer, RDFa Syntax ... intended

German translation of Requirements for WCAG 2.0

German translation of XML Base SE completed

Hindi translation complete

Hindi translation complete of StyleSheets/Core/ & Style/CSS/Test/

Hindi translation completed of Amaya

Hindi Translation of Amaya

How to Meet WCAG 2.0 - Portuguese

Icelandic Translation

Icelandic Translation Complete

Icelandic Translation Completed

Icelandic Translations Complete

Indonesian Completed translation

Indonesian Intention of translation

intention of translation (Russian & Ukrainian)

Intention of translation (Russian and Ukrainian)

Intention of Translation into Portuguese

Intention of translation into Romanian of the CSS Validator

Intention of translation into Ukrainian

Intention of translation(Unicorn)

Intention of translation- CSS2.1

Intention to translate in hindi

Intention to translate MathML

Intention to translation WCAG 2.0 short materials into Russian

Italian Translation of WCAG 2.0 - Results of the Call for Comments

Italian Translation of WCAG 2.0: approval

Kyrgyz translation

Let's connect on LinkedIn

List of translates

LTO Notification of Review, Monitoring of Comments, and Revision of CAT


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

MWBP flipcards into Chinese simplified

New icelandic Translation

New Icelandic Translations

New Latvian translations completed

New translations into Romanian

New translations into Spanish

Polish Completed translation

Published "Linee guida per l'accessibilità dei contenuti Web (WCAG) 2.0"

Published "Richtlinien für barrierefreie Webinhalte (WCAG) 2.0"

Reply: [generator.dontmixhtml] CSS Validator Translation

request for developing a [French] authorized translation of Understanding WCAG 2.0

Request to update translation: Styling using language attributes

Review of the Dutch/Flemish WCAG 2.0 translation

Russian translation of "Accessibility Features of CSS"

Russian Transtation of "Chapter 2 CSS"

Russian Transtation of "Date and Time Formats"

Serbian Intention of translation


Solari's Translation of Ishida's "Best Practices . . . "

Spanish Completed translation

Spanish Intention of translation of SKOS Use Cases and Requirements

SVG Tiny 1.2 Japanese translation

Techniques for WCAG 2.0 - Portuguese

The CAT on an "authorized translation of WCAG 2.0 into Spanish" is online


Translate http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/SAC/ into Serbian

Translate into Czech

Translating Publishing Open Government Data


Translation "Accessibility Features of CSS" into russian

Translation "SAC: The Simple API for CSS" on Belarussian language

Translation CSS

Translation into Russian and Ukrainian

Translation of css validator into Belarusian language

Translation page

Translationof a W3C Technical Report into another language

Understanding WCAG2.0 - portuguese

Unicorn - Translation in Hungarian (submitted by Zsolt Lauter)

Unicorn - Translation in Spanish (submitted by Ricardo de la Vega)


Upcoming outage - monitoring w3c-translators

Updated list of stakeholders for the French CAT of Understanding WCAG 2.0

Urdu Completed translation

Urdu Intention of translation

Vietnamese Translation Complete

Vietnamese Translation Request

WCAG 2.0 Hebrew translation


вопросы к русскоговор�щим коллегам

вопросы к русскоговорящим коллегам

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