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"Application Development" article on web services architectures

"Coordination" and "Choreography"


"Loose Coupling" (was: Re: REST, Conversations and Reliability)

"Orchestration" and "Choreography"

(WSCI) Submission Request

[BOF or Workshop] Web services Security BOF or Workshop

[STF] Additional security usage scenarios - comments on firew all usage scenario

[STF] Additional security usage scenarios - More comments

[STF] Security Harvesting

[STF] STF Unofficial Concall Minutes 8/5/02

[STF] WS Sec Group Scoping

[wsi_wsbasic] RE: Call-back scenario

A hitchhiker's guide to the recent STF related contexts [WAS RE: Priorities]

A viewpoint on harvesting REST

ACM XML Security Conference 22 November Fairfax VA

ANN: BPEL4WS engine and editor released via alphaWorks

ANN: BPEL4WS, WS-Transaction and WS-Coordination specifications published

Announcement: Acknowledgment of Web Service Choreography Int erface (WSCI) Submission Request

Another for the reading list ...

Arch doc comments; SOAP and WSDL as protocols

Broader layering issue [Re: Message exchange patterns in the architecture]

Business Goals and CSFs

Business Goals and CSFs / F2F topics

Champions for Draft-status requirements?

Champions for Draft-status requirements? / D-AC017

Choreography and REST

Choreography and the Semantic Web

Comments on proposed requirements

D-AC017 - Business Functions Requirement / Reliable Messaging

Defining coordination/orchestration/choreography/

Do RESTifarians want anything from the WSA that they don't al ready have?

Do RESTifarians want anything from the WSA that they don't alread y have?

Do RESTifarians want anything from the WSA that they don't already have?

First public WD of "Architectural Principles of the World Wid e Web"

Harvesting summary

IRC minutes of 8/29/2002 telecon (RAW)

LC issue 330 closed

LC Issue 331 closed

Making progress

Message exchange patterns in the architecture

More definitions / models of collaboration and orchestration to look at?

Never Mind Previous Post

Next steps for harvesting

OMA overview


Proposal for D-AC017 (Business Functions)

Proposal re REST and Arch doc

RDF isn't so hot

Regrets for 9/5 teleconference

Regrets from Joe

Reliable messaging

Reliable Messaging: Division of Responsibilities (was RE: RES T, Conversations and Reliability)

Reliable Messaging: Division of Responsibilities (was RE: REST, C onversations and Reliability)

REST, Conversations and Reliability

Routing and choreography

Security Question

Security Question -XML Schema Default Attribute handling


Stateless comms in the WSA

Status of AG002

Status of AG006 - "web friendly"

Status of AG007

Suggestions for telcon agenda?

Summary of what we already know


Web service definition

WSA Requirements doc published as a second working draft


XMLP Issue 332 Resolution

XMLP Issue 340 Closed

XMLP WG Issue 342 Resolution

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