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Suggestions for telcon agenda?

From: Champion, Mike <Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 10:10:12 -0400
Message-ID: <9A4FC925410C024792B85198DF1E97E403B490C9@usmsg03.sagus.com>
To: www-ws-arch@w3.org

Since we're in "informal" mode in August, we can't simply work through open
issues in the requirements docs, usage scenarios, etc. and make decisions.
What we can do is try to come to some understandings of the general outline
of what we can agree on, what we have to agree to disagree on, etc.

Last week I thought we made good progress in agreeing on a couple of core

- Web services and any objects/resources they expose publicly and
persistently should be identified with URIs.  

- The basic SOAP processing model (header extensions, intermediaries, etc.)
can be the basis for web-friendly services, so the WSA doc will address how
to use SOAP to enhance REST, and REST to inform SOAP, and to end the "SOAP
vs REST" debate.  (Of course, the "REST vs OMA/RPC/EAI/whatever" debate will
go on ...)

It would be nice to make progress in some other areas this week.  A few
ideas come to mind:

- Security:  This is a huge subject, the security task force has done a lot
of work to try to organize it.  We have some big issues that we may not come
to agreement on, but haven't really been discussed in telcons.
(Since I wasn't at the last F2F, maybe someone can frame the real open
issues better).  For example, how should we think about our relationship to
the OASIS WS-Security TC? Given their charter, do we see high-priority
subjects that we might want to charter a WG to address? Do we want to touch
the Intellectual Property issue?  (We'll have to if we charter a new working

- Conversations / Coordination / Transactions / Orchestration /etc.  I for
one don't have a clear taxonomy in my mind of how all this stuff fits
together.  I don't perceive much consensus in the industry about this either
... and I think we MUST sort out the vocabulary and propose a taxonomy
(e.g., is "orchestration" and "choreography" the same thing or not?) in the
WSA.  Is this something we could make progress on in a telcon?

- If we're feeling really ambitious, we could get into some of the more
religious issues about state management, reliability, etc.  My assumption is
that we will NEVER agree on many of these issues (e.g., is reliability
intrinsically in the domain of the application or can some reliability
maintenance be delegated to the infrastructure).  We can, I hope, sort
things out into "boxes" so that, for example, users might "mix and match"
other web services infrastructure components without presupposing that
security, coordination, etc. get layered on reliable messaging....  Anyway,
this area needs both debate to make sure we all understand each others point
of view, and brainstorming to try to find points of consensus.

So, which of these seem most useful for this week?  Or is there something
I'm forgetting that we should discuss soon?  Please send suggestions, and
I'll put out an agenda with appropriate references to web pages, email
threads, etc. later today.
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