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ACTION-169 Done

ACTION-174: Write up implication of origin/* exceptions in EU context

ACTION-174: Write up implication of origin/* exceptions in EU context ISSUE-112

ACTION-185: Draft specific field proposal for optional auditors

ACTION-211 Draft text on how user agents must obtain consent to turn on a DNT signal

agenda: 13 June 1012 call

agenda: 6 June 2012 call

Aggregate Reporting Summary

Alignment of interests and meeting expectations

Alternative Text for DNT: 0 (ACTION-209, ISSUE-148)

Call for feedback on hybrid URI/header proposal

Concern over Non-Normative Text


Considering browser vendor as a third party

Defaults and compliance


Dial-in for W3C f2f

DNT and Hearing at the EU Parliament

DNT and hearing held yesterday by US Senate Commerce Committee


Do Not Track as a Contract

Do Not Track EFF/Mozilla/Stanford Compromise Proposal re market research

Draft Agenda for the Bellevue F2F

Draft for breakouts - text

Evolving Online Privacy - Advancing User Choice

Examples of successful opt-in implementations

f2f wrap up & next steps

False patent claims

Fwd: consensus and other process clarifications

Group 4 - DeBugging

Identity providers as first parties

ISSUE-153: What are the implications on software that changes requests but does not necessarily initiate them?

ISSUE-154: Are First parties allowed to use data (either offline or online) from third parties

ISSUE-16, ACTION-166: define (data) collection

ISSUE-4 and clarity regarding browser defaults

ISSUE-4 and clarity regarding browser defaults, and a plea to 'stay the course'

ISSUE-59: Should the first party be informed about the DNT values sent to third parties

Letter from Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch, Federal Trade Commission

Letter from Congressman Markey and Barton

Letter from Director General R. Madelin, European Commission

Meeting Notes from the


Next call: July 11

Partial Report from the left-corner WG

patent discussions

pdf of the google doc

position in preparation for Seattle

potential text on frequency capping

processor language

Proposed text on ACTION-196: Draft text on whether url shorteners are first or third parties?

Prototype of Do Not Track Exceptions

Readings for Seattle

Registration for upcoming f2f in Bellevue

Reminder: mailing list for checkin notes

Seattle preparations

Security permitted use breakout text

Service Provider Attribute in Response Header

Slide from DNT WG attached

Small group proposal presented by MeMe/Ian

The Rubber meets the Road - DNT compliance code

Today's call: summary on user agent compliance

Towards a DNT Grand Bargain

Towards a Grand Compromise

tracking-ISSUE-148: What does DNT:0 mean? [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-149: Compliance section for user agents [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-150: DNT conflicts from multiple user agents [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-151 (UA-exception-req): User Agent Requirement: Be able to handle an exception request [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

tracking-ISSUE-152: User Agent Compliance: feedback for out-of-bound consent [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]

tracking-ISSUE-155: Remove the received member from tracking status

tracking-ISSUE-156: Add a list of data processors to tracking status [Tracking Preference Expression (DNT)]

Transitive third party exceptions

Travel from airport to Bellevue

UI and scope

Updated Proposal - Outline in preparation for presentation in Seattle

Updated Server Response Section of TPE

url for

W3C says DNT by Default not compliant

wednesday call

Working Group Output notes

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