Readings for Seattle


I updated the agenda to add (optional) self-hosted dinner information. We'll do a head count on Wednesday to see how many wish to attend. Thanks to JC for local suggestions. While updating the agenda I also added links to Shane et al's proposal and to the combo proposal from last week, which I checked in at this time as well (and added a note that "collect" has an open action against it, but otherwise it's unchanged.)

For my own use, I created a PDF of all of the texts we're looking at. Perhaps it will be useful to some of you too. It is large, so I uploaded a copy as

The order should be obvious from the contents of the file, but it contains:
	- Revised proposal from Shane et al
	- Revised proposal from Jonathan et al
	- Attempt to document the points of agreement from DC
	- Current editors' draft for compliance
	- Current editors' draft for TPE

There is, as you would expect, overlap between some of these documents. We will be pulling text from the first three documents into the compliance editors' draft as we reach consensus on issues.

We have to stop baiting and sniping at one another on the dlist. This isn't working for anyone. We'll be talking in person soon enough. Meanwhile: take a breath. Yes, what we are doing is important work. And yes, it is time to make some hard choices. Let's focus on getting it done, please. 


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