Re: Alternative Text for DNT: 0 (ACTION-209, ISSUE-148)


for EU consent purposes we need a more detailed list of allowances 
(aka "at least") I took an action with Shane, but this is overdue. 
So this is just a heads up that I believe we need not only to 
release the restrictions from the compliance spec, but also a set of 
positive permissions for the ad chains to work in the EU context. 
Because otherwise, DNT:0 will not give permissions in regulated 
environments (also think about Australia & Japan)

I presented yesterday at the IAB Europe and there was some interest 
in providing further input, hopefully. 


On Wednesday 13 June 2012 10:43:35 Jonathan Mayer wrote:
> Normative:
> i. In General
> A DNT: 0 exception allows a website to conduct specific practices
> that are otherwise prohibited by this specification.
> ii. Explanation Requirement
> When a website requests a DNT: 0 exception, it MUST clearly
> explain those practices to the user.
> iii. Multiple Semantics
> If a website maintains multiple semantics for DNT: 0, it is
> responsible for associating the proper semantic with a user
> agent.  If a website cannot determine the semantics associated
> with a DNT: 0 exception, it may not rely on the exception.
> Non-Normative Discussion:
> i. Legal Implications
> This specification does not take a position on whether the DNT: 0
> exception mechanism is sufficient to satisfy any legal
> requirements.

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