Re: tracking-ISSUE-150: DNT conflicts from multiple user agents [Tracking Definitions and Compliance]


at another place we are discussing the feedback (response mechanism). Here 
you can see immediately how useful this is. A user agent can not IMHO expect 
compliance just by sending a DNT header. Having only some WKL that ACK 
everything by default is your enemy here. 

You know that you want to comply if you have sent back the ack-header. Until 
then, no, I don't see how you would have made that promise. 


On Friday 01 June 2012 13:53:16 Kevin Smith wrote:
> A better question would be, does a compliant entity have to respect a
> signal sent from a non-compliant entity.  If IE, or any other user agent
> defines DNT to mean something different than the spec and you choose to
> ignore it, are you non-compliant to the spec, or non-compliant to that
> user agent’s setting. 

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