Re: ISSUE-4 and clarity regarding browser defaults

* Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>As I understand it as editor, the current consensus decision of this WG
>is that no DNT header field is sent unless it is specifically enabled
>through some act of the user, whether that be by configuration,
>specific installation, or free choice to use software that has enabling
>DNT as its purpose.  I have not heard of any change to that consensus.
>That is ISSUE-4 (closed 26-Oct-2011).

(FWIW, Matthias Schunter re-opened the issue immediately after it had
been marked as closed on that day; it only got closed a week after he
posted the relevant text to the mailing list for review. The closing
comment on 26 Oct 2011 was "Resolved by consensus on Oct 26 call. Out
of scope: user presentation issue.")
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