Re: Evolving Online Privacy - Advancing User Choice

Shane, good presentation – IAB Europe supports the draft and we hope we can move forward on that basis.


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Date: Wednesday 20 June 2012 11:38
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Subject: Re: Evolving Online Privacy - Advancing User Choice
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Thanks for correcting this Shane. Looks good to us. Just wanted to ensure publishers have the flexibility.

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One editorial mistake discovered (there will probably be others).  In the “Explicit and Separate User Choice” section, 4c should read:

“Servers that respond to all DNT requests as non-compliant regardless of User Agent details ARE NOT compliant with this recommendation.”

- Shane

From: Shane Wiley
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Subject: Evolving Online Privacy - Advancing User Choice


Please find attached the detailed proposal text we’ll be reviewing tomorrow afternoon (built upon the proposal outline I provided last week).

The following individuals, companies, and trade associations contributed to this proposal:

Marc Groman & David Wainberg – NAI
Alan Chapell – Chapell & Associates
Heather West, Sean Harvey, & Ian Fette – Google
Shane Wiley – Yahoo!

There is considerable detail covering numerous topics in this proposal and therefore it should not be consider an endorsement by all contributors to all parts of this proposal.  That said, all contributors generally agree with the direction and approach of this document.

We look forward to further discussion and fielding questions tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you,

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