Re: Examples of successful opt-in implementations


On Thursday 14 June 2012 10:07:07 Vinay Goel wrote:
> Assuming you take the Working Party's opinion that first-party
> site analytics is not a strictly necessary function, is your mind
> model suggesting that the first party needs to use the DNT
> exception mechanism or well-known URL in order to use the data
> for users that have DNT:1 for first-party analytics?  If so,
> isn't that an increase in the scope (where you say "I am also not
> arguing that first parties must be subject to DNT")?

You miss a very very important nuance in Rob's email. Rob is not 
saying "You must use DNT for first parties", he is saying, hey this 
can be a really nice tool for all of us. Rob is saying "personal" 
not "official". And Rob suggests that having that tool could make 
all our lives easier. So there is a positive approach and no stick 
at the horizon IMHO. That's why I think the industry has an 
opportunity here rather than a threat. Taking that into account, the 
target is not regulation anymore, but better user experience. And 
this target is not subject to the ever growing variety of EU rules, 
it cuts across all of them. So its a suggestion to help with the 
variety, not any kind of threatening conformance pressure IMHO.


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