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RE: [css3-text] scoping line break controls, characters that disappear at the end of lines Koji Ishii (Saturday, 31 March)

[selectors4] :only-of-attribute, -key, -value Christoph Päper (Saturday, 31 March)

[css-grid-layout] Defining shrink-to-fit for Grid Elements Chris Jones (Friday, 30 March)

[css-transition] :animating state pseudo-class & display property Andrew Fedoniouk (Friday, 30 March)

:empty matching nodes containing only non-significant whitespace WAS: [css4-text] A non-inherited property to control behavior of whitespace-only child boxes Ojan Vafai (Friday, 30 March)

[css3-transitions] Content attribute for transitionend event handling Sylvain Galineau (Friday, 30 March)

[css3-values] accessibility review Cynthia Shelly (Friday, 30 March)

[css21][css3-box] please define "block container element" (was: `overflow: hidden` on tables for border rounding doesn't seem to be supported by the standard) Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Friday, 30 March)

Fwd:[css4-mediaqueries] Bandwidth Media Queries Lea Verou (Friday, 30 March)

[selectors4] Universal Selector '*' (asterisk) elsewhere Christoph Päper (Thursday, 29 March)

[css3-images] Animatability of object-fit, object-position, image-resolution, and image-orientation fantasai (Thursday, 29 March)

[css3-animations][css3-transitions] grammar fixes, and edits to animation-direction L. David Baron (Thursday, 29 March)

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2012-03-28 fantasai (Thursday, 29 March)

[css3-animations] animation-direction values fantasai (Thursday, 29 March)

[CSS21] Section 5.12.1 Properties that can apply to a :first-line pseudo-element: proposed editorial improvements Gérard Talbot (Thursday, 29 March)

[css3-multicol] page-break-* media types wrong fantasai (Wednesday, 28 March)

[css4-text] A non-inherited property to control behavior of whitespace-only child boxes Boris Zbarsky (Wednesday, 28 March)

CSS Grid Layout Testcases Alexander Shpack (Wednesday, 28 March)

[css3-speech] CSS Speech Module published as Candidate Recommandation Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 28 March)

[css3-flexbox] new CSS Flexible Box Layout Module WD published Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 28 March)

[css3-grid-layout] ]new CSS Grid Layout WD published Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 28 March)

new CSS Grid Layout WD published Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 28 March)

regrets for today Chris Lilley (Wednesday, 28 March)

Borders and Backgrounds Testing John Jansen (Wednesday, 28 March)

[CSSWG] Agenda conf call 28-mar-2012 Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 28 March)

[css3-grid-layout] Interaction of "gutters" and automatic item placement Tab Atkins Jr. (Wednesday, 28 March)

[css3-transitions] adding a pseudoElement attribute/argument to transition events L. David Baron (Tuesday, 27 March)

[css3-transitions] more precise rules for animating 'visibility' L. David Baron (Tuesday, 27 March)

[css3-transitions] rule for interpolating 'font-weight' L. David Baron (Tuesday, 27 March)

[css3-transitions] under what transition-duration/delay conditions should there be a transition? L. David Baron (Tuesday, 27 March)

[css3-transitions][css3-animations] should negative 'animation-durtaion' and 'transition-duration' be parse errors L. David Baron (Tuesday, 27 March)

[CSS21] border edge of collapsed table cell fantasai (Tuesday, 27 March)

Re: [css3-background] computed value of 'background-repeat' fantasai (Tuesday, 27 March)

[CSSWG] conf call tomorrow back at 6pm Paris time Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 27 March)

Agenda+ republish Transitions, Animations Chris Lilley (Tuesday, 27 March)

[css3-images] object sizing edits fantasai (Tuesday, 27 March)

[css3-images] [CSS21] replaced elements and 'content' fantasai (Tuesday, 27 March)

[css3-gcpm] Numbers in 'string-set', 'string()' Christoph Päper (Tuesday, 27 March)

Re: Alignment of paragraphs with unicode-bidi: plaintext [css3-text] [css3-writing-modes] fantasai (Tuesday, 27 March)

[css3-regions] 'flow-target', 'flow-source', 'flow' self Christoph Päper (Monday, 26 March)

[css3-images] Updated Disposition of Comments fantasai (Saturday, 24 March)

Device dimensions units proposal w3c (Friday, 23 March)

Device dimensions units proposal w3c (Wednesday, 21 March)

Re: [css3-mediaqueries] ratio Florian Rivoal (Friday, 23 March)

Re: [css3-mediaqueries] and [css3-values] Florian Rivoal (Friday, 23 March)

Re: [css3-mediaqueries] Media query "em" example contradicts normative prose Florian Rivoal (Friday, 23 March)

Re: [css3-images] Fwd: CSS Gradient Notation fantasai (Friday, 23 March)

[css3-flexbox] splitting inline children around blocks, inside a flexbox Daniel Holbert (Thursday, 22 March)

[css3-flexbox] incorrect numbering at the bottom of Example 2 section Daniel Holbert (Thursday, 22 March)

[css3-flexbox] Broken links to "#flexbox-item" instead of "#flex-items" Daniel Holbert (Thursday, 22 March)

[css3-flexbox] handling whitespace between items in a flexbox Daniel Holbert (Thursday, 22 March)

Fwd: :first pseudo-selector fantasai (Thursday, 22 March)

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions Telecon 2012-03-21 fantasai (Thursday, 22 March)

[CSSWG] Agenda conf call 21-mar-2012 Daniel Glazman (Wednesday, 21 March)

[SAC] SAC C implementation Vasily Stepanov (Wednesday, 21 March)

[css4-values] Templated URLs fantasai (Tuesday, 20 March)

Re: [css3-transitions] Transitions from display:none Dan Beam (Tuesday, 20 March)

[css3-images] Remove all references to out-of-document elements and CSSElementMap? Tab Atkins Jr. (Tuesday, 20 March)

Re: [css3-regions] @region and specificity fantasai (Tuesday, 20 March)

ISSUE-229 Combining justification and whitespace:pre* Tab Atkins Jr. (Monday, 19 March)

[css3-break] Breaking replaced elements Vincent Hardy (Monday, 19 March)

[css3-animations] Interaction of animation-fill-mode with running/completed animations Sylvain Galineau (Friday, 16 March)

[css3-multicol] Minor/editorial: color definition in column-rule Sylvain Galineau (Friday, 16 March)

[css3-break] Comments on possible break points (section 4.1) Vincent Hardy (Friday, 16 March)

Agenda request: Publish a new WD for CSS3 Transforms Dirk Schulze (Thursday, 15 March)

[css3-grid-layout] mismatched grid template strings fantasai (Wednesday, 14 March)

Re: [css3-mediaqueries] tv and screen media types Chris Lilley (Thursday, 15 March)

[cssom-view] offsetX/offsetY should define behavior when the target node has no box Boris Zbarsky (Thursday, 15 March)

New feature. Content templates Alexander Shpack (Thursday, 15 March)

Advice: A new cssFloat option: top-left 应加宽 (Thursday, 15 March)

[css3-images] Capitalization of MAY L. David Baron (Wednesday, 14 March)

[css3-images] image-orientation should say what images it applies to L. David Baron (Wednesday, 14 March)

[css3-images] min/max-width/height wording in sizing rules for object-fit: contain/cover L. David Baron (Wednesday, 14 March)

[css3-images] Images with an intrinsic aspect ratio and exactly one of an intrinsic height or width L. David Baron (Wednesday, 14 March)

[css3-images] interaction of parts of the definitions of object sizing L. David Baron (Wednesday, 14 March)

[css3-images] [Fwd: RE: CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module Level 3 - very brief review] Michael Cooper (Wednesday, 14 March)

[css3-images] Comments on object sizing terminology L. David Baron (Wednesday, 14 March)

[css3-images] comments on radial gradients L. David Baron (Wednesday, 14 March)

[cssom-values] created Glenn Adams (Wednesday, 14 March)

Re: [CSS21] Issue 120 (boxes) - comments on Working Draft Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Wednesday, 14 March)

[CSSOM] resolved value for top/left/bottom/right doesn't match most browsers Mike Sherov (Wednesday, 14 March)

[css3-font] unquoted font family names with whitespace Simon Pieters (Wednesday, 14 March)

Re: [css3-transitions] Rounding behaviour Brian Birtles (Wednesday, 14 March)

[css3-images] minor comments on linear-gradient() L. David Baron (Tuesday, 13 March)

[css3-images] definition of concrete object size L. David Baron (Tuesday, 13 March)

[css3-images] default object size for replaced elements not purely 300x150 L. David Baron (Tuesday, 13 March)

REMINDER: no CSS WG conf call this week - EOM Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 13 March)

[cssom] removeProperty return value Simon Pieters (Tuesday, 13 March)

[css3-border][css3-background] border-radius with <angle> Christoph Päper (Tuesday, 13 March)

Re: Behaviour of getComputedStyle with box-sizing: border-box Mike Sherov (Tuesday, 13 March)

RE: [css3-flexbox] when are margins on flexbox-items computed & subtracted from available space? Alex Mogilevsky (Monday, 12 March)

[css3-flexbox] ED updated Alex Mogilevsky (Monday, 12 March)

Re: text-oveflow for _multiline_ texts Samuel Santos (Monday, 12 March)

[selectors4] :empty psuedo class and input fields Stefan Wallin (Saturday, 10 March)

outline-radius Paul Bakaus (Monday, 12 March)

RE: [css3-flexbox] flex-order shouldn't be specific to flexbox Alex Mogilevsky (Monday, 12 March)

RE: [css3-flexbox] corrections/clarifications on updated flexbox algorithm Alex Mogilevsky (Monday, 12 March)

[css3-flexbox] issue with flexing with either positive or negative flexibility on all items Alex Mogilevsky (Monday, 12 March)

[css3-background] Mostly Editorial: comments and questions on Ch. 5 Rounded Corners Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Monday, 12 March)

RE: [css-variables] using variables in shorthands François REMY (Sunday, 11 March)

[CSS21] Section 11.1 Overflow visible and "may": editorial improvements Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 11 March)

[css3-images] rtl/ltr annotation Andrew Fedoniouk (Saturday, 10 March)

[css3-images] Remaining Issues fantasai (Saturday, 10 March)

[css3-values] Last Call Working Draft fantasai (Saturday, 10 March)

[css3-animations] Resolving issues - proposal to postpone Sylvain Galineau (Saturday, 10 March)

RE: [css3-flexbox] flex-line-pack Alex Mogilevsky (Friday, 9 March)

[css3-flexbox] min/max need to be swapped in step 6 of "resolve the flexible lengths" Daniel Holbert (Friday, 9 March)

Invitation to connect on LinkedIn Robin Hodson (Friday, 9 March)

[css-variables] using variables in shorthands Florian Rivoal (Friday, 9 March)

Re: [css3-images] aliasing of object-fit/object-position Bert Bos (Thursday, 8 March)

Allowing unknown pseudo classes and unknown pseudo element in the selector. Erik Arvidsson (Thursday, 8 March)

[fullscreen] CSS extensions for fullscreen Daniel Glazman (Thursday, 8 March)

[css3-values] multiplying and dividing complex units in calc? Chris Eppstein (Thursday, 8 March)

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions Telecon 2012-03-08 fantasai (Thursday, 8 March)

[CSS21] 10.1 Containing block: when "the ancestor is an inline element": editorial improvements Gérard Talbot (Thursday, 8 March)

[cssom-view] use of "padding edge" in CSSOM view spec makes no sense Boris Zbarsky (Thursday, 8 March)

[css3-background] slash('/') in border-image shorthand (again) (was: [css3-background] double '/' in border) Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Thursday, 8 March)

Media Queries Implementation Report John Jansen (Wednesday, 7 March)

Re: [css3-images] Generalize the notion of 'invalid images' for image() fallback Bert Bos (Wednesday, 7 March)

[css3-images] media fragments and backwards compatibility L. David Baron (Wednesday, 7 March)

[css3-images] 'object-fit' and used dimensions (was: 'object-fit' values 'cover' and 'contain' contain redundant definition) Leif Arne Storset (Wednesday, 7 March)

[selectors4] Should the reference combinator really be a combinator? Christopher Jeffrey (Wednesday, 7 March)

Re: [css3-page][css3-mediaqueries] Page size conflicts Simon Sapin (Wednesday, 7 March)

<style scoped> and the cascade Boris Zbarsky (Wednesday, 7 March)

<style scoped> available as experimental feature, discussing @-rules Roland Steiner (Wednesday, 7 March)

[css3-background] Editorial: background shorthand missing 'background-image' assignment? Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Wednesday, 7 March)

[css3-background] clarify which properties in this module apply to ::first-letter and ::first-line Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Wednesday, 7 March)

RE: [css3-writing-modes] text-orientation: upright for fonts without vertical metrics (was RE: Western vertical texts Koji Ishii (Wednesday, 7 March)

Re: [css3-page][css3-background] Canvas background painting and positioning area fantasai (Wednesday, 7 March)

Re: [css3-background] Further correction to the <position> grammar Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Tuesday, 6 March)

[CSSWG] Agenda conf call 07-mar-2012 Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 6 March)

Agenda request for CSS3 Transform and transform-origin syntax Dirk Schulze (Tuesday, 6 March)

Re: [css3-fonts] simplifying font-variant-ligatures, proposal 2 Eric Muller (Tuesday, 6 March)

[css3-background] border images on table-collapsed table elements Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Tuesday, 6 March)

[css3-background] Editorial: when 'border-style: inset' is treated as 'border-style: ridge' should be made clearer Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Tuesday, 6 March)

[css3-background] Negative border-width should be clearly disallowed (was: [CSS21] WD 8.5.1: negative borders (presumed editorial)) Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu (Monday, 5 March)

[css3-images] element() "ignoring" transforms Øyvind Stenhaug (Monday, 5 March)

[CSS3-fonts] Proposal: Allow a font name as value for font-size-adjust Markus Ernst (Monday, 5 March)

[css3-mediaqueries] implementation report Florian Rivoal (Monday, 5 March)

Re: <di>? Please? Hugh Guiney (Sunday, 4 March)

[CSS] font-size-adjust curiosity Schalk Neethling (Sunday, 4 March)

[CSS21] Margin collapsing - clarify the transitivity Anton Prowse (Sunday, 4 March)

[css3-writing-modes] text-orientation: upright for fonts without vertical metrics (was RE: Western vertical texts Koji Ishii (Sunday, 4 March)

[CSS] Image sprites and catalogs Andrew Fedoniouk (Sunday, 4 March)

Re: [CSS21] Errata - proposals for review - Margin collapsing, I Anton Prowse (Saturday, 3 March)

[css3-page-template] first early draft of a proposal Alan Stearns (Saturday, 3 March)

[css-hierarchies] HTML style attribute François REMY (Saturday, 3 March)

[css3-ui] Reinstating appearance: none Charles Pritchard (Friday, 2 March)

CSS Selectors for Fragment Identifiers now a W3C Community Group Eric A. Meyer (Friday, 2 March)

Re: [css3-grid-layout] [css3-layout] default layout of children Bert Bos (Thursday, 1 March)

Re: [css3-grid-layout] [css3-layout] fit-content and auto sizes Bert Bos (Thursday, 1 March)

Re: [css3-grid-layout] [css3-layout] Grid-Template Declaration Merge fantasai (Thursday, 1 March)

[css3-flexbox] "definite" sizes? Daniel Holbert (Thursday, 1 March)

Re: [css3-transitions][css3-animations] Event handler attributes on Window Aryeh Gregor (Thursday, 1 March)

Re: [css3-images] Probably Editorial: radial-gradient() and concentric ellipses Øyvind Stenhaug (Thursday, 1 March)

[css3-text] clarifying text-transform:capitalize Jonathan Kew (Thursday, 1 March)

RE: Western vertical texts Koji Ishii (Thursday, 1 March)

[css3-transitions][css3-animations] Merging transitions & animations Lea Verou (Thursday, 1 March)

[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions Telecon 2012-02-29 fantasai (Thursday, 1 March)

CSS3 Images issues needing WG review Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 1 March)

Re: [css3-images] [css3-gcpm] element() and element() Tab Atkins Jr. (Thursday, 1 March)

Re: CSS Hierarchies + @media queries Daniel Glazman (Thursday, 1 March)

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