Re: [CSS3-fonts] Proposal: Allow a font name as value for font-size-adjust

Markus Ernst wrote:

> The discussion on "font-size-adjust curiosity", and a discussion in
> the css-d list made me have a look at the font-size-adjust property. I
> suggest to add the possibility to add a font name as a value. The
> x-height of the displayed font would then be adjusted to the x-height
> of the font specified in font-size-adjust (which will usually be one
> of the fonts in font-family):
> body {
>    font-family: Calibri, "Lucida Grande", Arial, sans-serif;
>    font-size-adjust: Arial;
> }
> Use case (resp. rationale): Web authors are usually not typographical
> experts, most do not even know about a thing such as aspect ratio. In
> order to specify the appropriate numeric value for font-size-adjust as
> specified now, every author needs to look up the correct value for the
> font of first choice. It would be very much easier for them to just
> specify, which font out of the font-family list they consider most
> supported, and thus use as a reference.

I should point out that David Baron has already proposed
'font-size-adjust: auto':

This also allows authors to simply specify that x-heights be kept the
same but in a way that's more sensitive to a user's default font.

John Daggett

Received on Wednesday, 7 March 2012 01:03:16 UTC