Re: outline-radius

On 3/12/12 5:01 PM, Brad Kemper wrote:
> On Mar 12, 2012, at 9:41 AM, Boris Zbarsky<bzbarsky@MIT.EDU>  wrote:
>> On 3/12/12 11:26 AM, Brad Kemper wrote:
>>> Can you give some examples of non-rectangular outlines
>> <span style="outline: 2px solid black">This is<br>some text that is longer on the second line<br>and has a third line</span>
>> Load that in Opera or any WebKit-based browser.  Gecko gets this wrong at the moment, sadly.
> I see. I would expect that to look like the following does in webkit

Note that that's not how outline should really look in this situation, 
and not how it actually looks in WebKit....


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