[css3-animations][css3-transitions] grammar fixes, and edits to animation-direction

As described in http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/about.html#value-defs ,
the following Value line:

  Value: normal | alternate [, normal | alternate]* 

is not at all what it looks like.  Since juxtaposition binds tighter
than | (though I admit thinking it was the other way around), this
syntax describes a property that allows values of the form:

  animation-direction: normal alternate alternate
  animation-direction: normal alternate , normal , normal alternate

since it says that commas go only before normal and not before
alternate.  [] are needed, like this:

  Value: normal | alternate [, [ normal | alternate ] ]* 

I fixed this in a number of properties in css3-transitions and
css3-animations here:

I also fixed the same mistake inside of the steps() function here:
https://dvcs.w3.org/hg/csswg/rev/083f80ca0535 and simultaneously
changed the grammar to match the prose that said the second argument
is optional.  (This was clearly intended both based on the prose and
since the [] to be associated with the ? were there; there was just
no ?.)

Finally, I made the edits to animation-direction resolved in this
morning's teleconference:


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