Re: [css3-images] comments on radial gradients

On Wednesday 2012-03-14 15:07 -0700, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> > In section 4.3 (Repeating gradients),
> > :
> >
> >  I think this section ought to be clearer about how negative color
> >  stops are handled for repeating radial gradients.  The rules for
> >  repeating in this section seem to contradict the earlier statement
> >  that positions less than 0 have no effect on rendering in radial
> >  gradients, since direct application of the repeating rules seems
> >  to make them take up space and render.
> Why isn't this handled by the existing text?  "When rendered, however,
> the color-stops are repeated infinitely in both directions, with their
> positions shifted by multiples of the difference between the last
> specified color-stop's position and the first specified color-stop's
> position."

I can't even tell from that which behavior you're saying happens.

  background: repeating-radial-gradient(red -50%, green 0%, blue 100%)

Does the red->green part show up or not?  The radial gradients
section explicitly says that it doesn't, and the repeating gradients
section explicitly says that it does.


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