Agenda+ republish Transitions, Animations


It is 2012 and the last /TR publication of these dates to 2009. I would like to ask that we freshen the /TR versions.

CSS Animations Module Level 3
W3C Working Draft 20 March 2009  
CSS Animations
Editor's Draft 17 February 2012

CSS Transitions Module Level 3
W3C Working Draft 01 December 2009
CSS Transitions
Editor's Draft 22 February 2012

Also, since these are updates of existing WDs, I propose that we put them in the publication queue now, ahead of the call. If all goes well on Wednesday then can be published on Thursday; if sudden editorial changes are needed we can reschedule to the following Tuesday.

This gets around the unfortunate timing of a Weds. evening call and biweekly Tues/Thurs publication slots with a 24-hour advance notice, resulting in an effective 6-day delay (Weds to following Tues). For publications which are updates of WD or CR (so, not transitions) this delay is avoidable.

 Chris Lilley   Technical Director, Interaction Domain                 
 W3C Graphics Activity Lead, Fonts Activity Lead
 Co-Chair, W3C Hypertext CG
 Member, CSS, WebFonts, SVG Working Groups

Received on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 15:08:12 UTC