RE: Western vertical texts

> From: fantasai []
> On 03/01/2012 09:36 PM, Koji Ishii wrote:
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> > I also wonder how good "always use 1em height" is for Latin upright text.
> It's not very good. It's even worse when you use lowercase letters.
> Anecdote: I used to think Latin looked horrible when typeset upright with lower-case letters.
> Then someone in Japan hand-wrote my name in vertical upright, and it looked perfectly
> reasonable--because the spacing between letters was properly adjusted.

Yeah, but that reasonable look requires more information from fonts.

I captured screenshots[1]; the left is from Adobe InDesign Japanese composer (English composer doesn't allow upright setting,) and the right is from Safari on MacOS. I wish something in between the two, but that cannot be done without information in the font.



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