Re: [CSSWG] Agenda conf call 28-mar-2012

Hi Daniel,

> 7. CSS 2.1 margin collapsing
> ----------------------------
> Clarify the transitivity

Whilst this issue is interesting, I'd also like to discuss the proposals
for three other margin collapsing issues, with the aim of resolving to
accept them.

The proposals are found in

The bugs are the following. (Please ignore the proposals in the bug
reports, which were copied from my original posts to the mailing list and
have now been superseded by the proposals in the post above.)
Margin collapsing: clarification needed to Note in 10.7 (min-height and
Margin collapsing: pathological collapsing behaviour for auto-height,
non-zero min-height elements with self-collapsing child (Issue 211)
Margin collapsing: unintuitive collapsing between last child and
auto-height, large min-height parent


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