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Before bringing this IR to the AC for REC consideration, I'd like to clarify that the version of Opera that passes all of the tests would not be considered experimental. Since Opera 11.61 with Presto 2.10.299 fails 105 tests in this suite, and since that is the stable version, I'm worried that the current pass rate will not qualify as an implementation (remember that during CSS2.1 IR gathering, we were very careful that the implementations were stable and not just trying to get a "pass"; with 105 failures moving to 0, I think the risk of regression is high and I fear some of the fixes will be backed out before 12 is stable).

Internet Explorer is going to submit our IR in the next few days, but we do have a few failures still. It looks to me like there will be 10 test cases that only 1 implementation passes if the Opera IR is determined to be from an experimental implementation. 


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> Hi,
> I am happy to announce that Opera has now released a public build[1] that
> passes all the tests in the Media Queries level 3 test suite[2].
> You can see the results in the implementation report[3].
>   - Florian
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