Re: [css3-images] minor comments on linear-gradient()

On 03/13/2012 02:36 PM, L. David Baron wrote:
> A few minor comments on
> :
> First, the text:
>    # "to bottom"
> should probably be:
>    # 'to bottom'
> (and should also be styled in blue like the other such occurrences).
> Likewise in the dl section "by angle", "0deg" and "90deg" should
> also be styled and in single quotes.
> I think the dl headings "by angle" and "by keyword" are a little
> confusing since they might lead someone to think that the word "by"
> appears in gradient syntax.  Perhaps they could either be made more
> English (so that they're more obviously not a representation of
> syntax) or purely syntactic?
> I don't understand why "starting-point" and "ending-point" are
> hyphenated throughout.  We don't do that to other multi-word terms.
> Finally, I'd drop the word "then" in:
>    # The point's color is then the color of the gradient line at the
>    # point where this line intersects it.
> since there's nothing temporal about this definition.

All fixed, thanks!

[This is filed as Issue 40 in the DoC.]


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