Re: [css3-images] media fragments and backwards compatibility

On 03/07/2012 10:13 AM, L. David Baron wrote:
> says:
>    # So that authors can take advantage of CSS's forwards-compatible
>    # parsing rules to provide a fallback for image slices,
>    # implementations that support the ‘image()’ notation must support
>    # the xywh=#,#,#,# form of media fragment identifiers for images.
>    # [MEDIA-FRAGS]
> First, it's not clear to me *where* this is saying that
> implementations must support fragment identifiers in images.  Is it
> saying they must support it inside of image(), or must support it in
> other places as well?  If the latter, do we know if there are
> compatibility problems?

The former. I don't see a reason to require support for media fragments
in <img>, for example, before allowing them in image(). Of course ideally
they'd be implemented everywhere simultaneously, but blocking their use in
image() because they're not isn't necessary imho.

I've clarified the sentence to say so by appending "specified via image()":

Unfortunately I think wording this makes it less clear whether we expect
UAs to support such fragments in url(). :/ Let me know if you have a better


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