[css3-background] border images on table-collapsed table elements

6.1. Image Source: the ‘border-image-source’ property

I have two comments about this section, esp. related to cases of
table-collapsed table elements. Firstly,

  # If the value is ‘none’ or if the image cannot be displayed, the
  # border styles will be used.

It's not too clear whether this covers cases when 'border-image-source'
doesn't apply (i.e. on internal table-collapsed table elements). "cannot
be displayed" seems like "fails to download" or "format not supported".
I suggest we expand this sentence a bit.


  # Applies to:
  # All elements, except internal table elements when
  #‘border-collapse’ is ‘collapse’

I'll note that in both Firefox 13a and Chromium 18, border images don't
show up on 'table' and 'inline-table' elements with 'border-collpase: 
collapse'. Test case:

data:text/html, <!DOCTYPE html><div style='border: 1em double
orange;display:table; border-collapse: collapse;
27 round;'>TEST</div> (unprefixed)

It's not too clear to me why 'border-iamge-source' applies to 'table'
and 'inline-table' in the collapsing border model but not other table
elements, but if that is the intention, I think

  # Specifies an image to use instead of the border styles given by the
  # ‘border-style’ properties and as an additional background layer
  # for the element.

should be clarified a bit about whether this affects border conflict
resolution. I suppose it doesn't.


Received on Tuesday, 6 March 2012 14:16:43 UTC