[css3-background] clarify which properties in this module apply to ::first-letter and ::first-line

CSS2.1 says

  The following properties apply to a :first-line pseudo-element: ...
background properties ... UAs may apply other properties as well.


  These are the properties that apply to :first-letter pseudo-elements:
... border properties ... background properties. UAs may apply other
properties as well.

although it's not clear what "background properties" and "border
properties" mean in the context of CSS3 B&B. In particular,
'border-radius' is not a subproperty of 'border' and I heard the rumor
that 'border-radius' should have been called corner-radius so whether it
belongs to "border properties" is questionable. (I'll assume that
subproperties of 'background' introduced by CSS3 B&B such as
'background-size" count as "background properties" and hence apply to
both ::first-letter and ::first-line).

I think the spec should explicitly say that 'border-radius' applies to
::first-letter. From testing, Firefox13a, Chromium18 and IE9 but not
Opera12alpha supports 'border-radius' on ::first-letter (and none of
them on ::first-line). I have no idea about 'border-image' and

(A side question out of curiosity: the spec says

  # The ‘box-shadow’ property applies to the ‘::first-letter’
  # pseudo-element, but not the ‘::first-line’ pseudo-element.

So, does this mean UA MUST NOT apply 'box-shadow' to '::first-line' or
UA MAY apply 'box-shadow' to '::first-line' (because of CSS2.1) ? )


Received on Wednesday, 7 March 2012 01:31:56 UTC